Monday, October 25, 2010


I love fast-food. I am the first to admit. Biting into a Bacon burger from Red rooster, or a Quater pounder from macca's is amazing... well except for it going straight onto my thighs and hips.

But do we really need 4 McDonalds, 3 KFCs, 2 Domino's pizza, 4 subways (yes i know that subway is healthy)2 Red Roosters, the list goes on...

Why do we need so many? Why did shopping fair need a kfc and maccas in the food court? what was wrong with the place's that where there? I personally always shop at PULP sandwich bar. yes its nice to have them, there, in the air-conditioning to have lunch while shopping, but why was it a necessity?

and why are we building a McDonalds OUT THE FRONT OF shopping fair, when there is one INSIDE of shopping fair?

This is getting ridiculous. You dont need to eat fast food all the time, thats why there is Woolworths, Food works, IGA, Coles.

If you cannot get to a McDonalds or a KFC or a Hungry jacks straight away, there is nothing wrong with waiting. you might even feel a bit better about yourself if you ate a home cooked dinner. or a salad sandwich for lunch.

who knows, the love handles may disappear.

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