Thursday, October 21, 2010

Achievement Pending: INDEPENDENCE

I feel so independent. Catching the buses to town and back again, not having to rely on anyone at all. I'd say Achievement Unlocked, but I still need B emotionaly. Its what im working on to fix. So I dont need him at all. I want to want him, not want to need him. Once i start working, i'll be spending my own money, doing my own things and what not. Its hard to trust. i dont know why. I mean, I trust him, but not anyone else. He tells me every time we have a "talk" that i always bring up, about him and other girls. he tells me that its not him. Its not what he wants to do. Why can I not believe him. Its driving me insane.

Some days, I think maybe i should leave. But i feel so comfy with my life. I feel content with him. i dont know. Its all so confusing.

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